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Hi! I'm Alyssa!

My name comes from the plant named Alyssum.
I decided to name my shop Alyssum Rose when i realized that my first name and new married last name were both derived from the names of flowers. I instantly knew i could not come up with a better name. Mainly because i'm horrible at coming up with clever names but also because i love flowers and the designs of my earrings were mostly florals!

All of my hobbies have always steered toward the creative side. I was a photographer,

I love to cook, I love scrapbooking and so many types of crafts. When Covid came along,

I had to put a pause on photography to keep my family and potential clients safe. I also lost my job at the school i worked at when they all closed in my county.
I learned about polymer clay and making earrings out of it seemed like fun!

So eventually I got the courage to try it out!

And here I am... just having a good time making some pretty things.
If you're here, you must also think those "pretty things" are pretty!
Thank you! 💖 I'm so happy you like something i made! We must have similar taste!



So maybe we have other things in common as well?
Here's some random things about me and my likes!


1. I love movies. A lot of them. But some of my favorites are The Phantom of the Opera, Ever-After, & The Wedding Singer.
2. I like detective series (like Castle or Will Trent) & K-dramas! (My all-time favorite is "You are beautiful".)
3. I am of Cuban decent, Florida born and raised, and Puerto Rican by marriage. 🤣
4. I was a Corona Bride! Me and my husband Kevin had a zoom wedding in my parent's house living room in May of 2020.
5. I love to cook. I got this from my dad, the chef in the family.
6. I love trying new foods. There's so many foods i love. But some of my favorites are pho,  korean bbq, & many latin foods.🤤
7. I love animals. The amount and variety of animals that were designed and created is just amazing. I love learning about them.
8. I like dinosaurs & Jurassic Park.
9. My favorite breakfast would have to be cafe con leche and a tostada de pan cubano con mantequilla.🤷
10. My favorite Disney "princess" is Mulan and I know the word-for-word lyrics to too many Disney songs.
11. I hoard photos. If we've ever taken a photo together, i probably still have it and it's in a file folder categorized by year. 👀

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