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If the item you want is out of stock, you can order it through here!

You could also put in a request for an entirely new polymer clay earring design!

It will be a custom order at no extra cost.​

*PLEASE do not send images of someone else's work that you wish to have me remake.

This is not custom, but a copy. 

Fill out the form below or contact me by one of the other ways below to get started:


Instagram (Send me a DM): @alyssumroseclay

(Instagram is currently the best way to contact me)

Whether filling out the form or sending an email, please include the following in your description:

- The name of the collection and earrings you want if they exist

- Any changes you wish to make to an already existing design

- If this is for a new design, please describe your idea the best you can (Colors, theme, size, shape, etc)

-If this is a custom request to match a specific outfit, it would help if we had a photo of the dress/shirt/skirt or whatever you want it it to match.

-If you need this design by a specific date, please let us know ahead of time to see what we can work out.

Order your custom earrings here!

Thanks! I'll talk to you soon!

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